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Followers of Christ: February 15, 2019

God gives us the privilege and opportunity to reflect Jesus to a watching world. The way we interact with others, handle our responsibilities, and live our lives—these reveal what matters most to us. Remember that Jesus’ early followers did not assume the designation “Christian” for themselves; instead, they were originally called Christians, “followers of Christ,” by other people. Are you living in such a way that others see Jesus in you?

Then Barnabas went to Tarsus to look for Saul, and when he found him, he brought him to Antioch. So for a whole year Barnabas and Saul met with the church and taught great numbers of people. The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch.— Acts 11:25-26

Prayer: Jesus, renew my mind with Your Word, infuse me with Your Spirit, and transform my life and interactions to the extent that others see You and are drawn to You through me. In Your name I pray, Amen.

Source: Lead Like Jesus
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Watchword for the week – Feb 17 - 23, 2019

Blessed are those who trust in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. 

Jeremiah 17:7